Air Pods: Apple Needs more Time to Make New Ear Buds Available

Apple needs more time to make new ear buds available

SANFRANSISCO: Apple says about the new ear buds or Air Pods stating that “It requires more time to make new ear buds available” for the users. the users were also looking forward to have this big change for there ear phones, Its going to clearly change the ear plugs with wireless technology. Functioning of the ear buds were supposed to be with the newest iPhone Model- the ones that don’t come with a dedicated headphone jack.

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The Technology Giants showed off what it called last month “Air Pods”, during which Apple’s iPhone 7 smartphones was also introduced. The Smartphones were gone for the sale on September this year, but the “Air Pods” were supposed to be on sale in late October this year. Now the Cupertino, California company isn’t saying anything about the release of the “Air Pods”, and not specifying anything about taking more time.

Anyhow you can still listen audio on the new iPhone Models by connecting other wireless headsets or through phone’s charging port. Old phone’s might need the plug adapter.

Apple says it needs more time before new ear buds are ready

“Air Pods” are the next thing that is just in the process and everyone is just in the line to have that as soon as possible but here the problem is the date of its finalization. The company is still taking too much time and don’t even mentioned about the final release of the “Air Pods” a new thing to have for the ears without any wire.

Apple’s iPhone models will be using this new ear bud in the near future. That will innovate the users in the new sense, anyhow Apple also declared about the quality presented in these “Air Pods” which will be of a class and the sensors used in these buds will be more effective while listening your music and also while using the phone while calling.

Apple says it needs more time before new ear buds are ready, Apple's Air Pods

So, the wait is just for the product release/ availability of the “Air Pods” in the market.

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