The Secrets of Getting Fit with Pokemon Go App

The Secrets of Getting Fit with Pokemon Go App

We all knows the uncountable benefits of walking and running rather for Quick Weight Loss or being fit.But Walking around doesn’t evoke much excitement for most of us.Pokemon Go (Half Role-Playing Game) adds the extra fun to one’s walking goals and workout routines.

In its first week of launch, Pokemon Go has become the most popular mobile game in the history with over 7.5 million downloads and counting.

Players use their smartphones to search and scan those digital creatures (Pokemon).The way is that you have to physically walk around in your area to find these digital creatures and players are actually rewarded for exploring the new areas of their society or town, as different Pokemon appear in different areas.

In a Nutshell: Pokemon Go is a great App for reminding us that walking around can be pleasurable instead of pestering yourself with exercising.

How Pokemon Go help you in Getting Healthy ?

Studies show that extra walking (4,000-8,000 steps/day) can cause lower anxiety, improve your body composition and mood as well.For some people, the game will be motivation enough to get out for walking but here’s how can you use the game to increase your steps instantly…

Target a Rare Pokemon: The more walking required to hatch the egg, the rare the Pokemon will be, So try getting some rare Pokemon both for increasing your rank and your footsteps.

Pack a Yummy Lunch and walk to a Park: It must be clear that for finding Pokemon you have to walk physically, as the app will never show you Pokemon’s when you’re on any Ride.

So, After packing your lunch target the new park and keep walking there (Maybe, this time, you’ll find the rare Pokemon).

Walk Somewhere you want’s Too: If you’re a shopping lover then walk to a nearby mall instead of shopping online (Hint: Malls tend to be loaded with rare Pokemon’s).

Tip: If you’re going to use Pokemon Go for increasing your footsteps then it’s better to dedicate your free time to this game instead of playing it while you’re already at other mission such as walking to get your favorite Ice cream.

Try Pokemon Go Workout:

After spending some time on hatching eggs and walking, Now it’s time to get ready for the Pokemon Go Workout!

When you get bored of walking around in your society for finding your favorite Pokemon then there is an interval training option, obviously, a workout where you have to sprint yourself as hard as you can in short bursts, take some rest and then repeat.

This is actually a stop play of Pokemon Go where you have to sprint yourself for a short time, then stop sometime for catching your breath again, and sprint again, by doing this you will be rewarded with eggs (you’re collecting before by walking), Wild Pokemon’s and other worthy rewards…

You actually get to play while you are doing high-intensity exercise can be a huge motivation for one without letting his soul know that he’s actually doing exercise.

Here is the Format of Pokemon Go Interval training:

1: Warm up for 15 minutes by jogging at your Poke stop and be ready for traveling.

2: Sprint yourself enough at Poke stop for more rewards.

3: Now Do your first interval of intense sprinting to the closest Poke stop,But don’t get distracted by looking at your Phone.

4: Rest when arrived at your Next Poke stop.

5: Now it’s time to do your next Interval.

6: Repeat the process until it’s completed and you have caught the wild Pokemon.

This is my favorite Pokemon Go workout, there are many of others like this one, present one with different rewards at the end.

Final Words:

For years, App developers tried their best to develop some fitness Apps but most of them got failed even they have developed some interesting one’s but people are actually not interested and keep claiming that technology is leading their health to serious Danger.

But this time, the Idea of turning fitness into a game actually makes it fun even for People who are uninterested and now successfully motivating them for their daily dose of exercise.The idea of collecting monsters with their smartphone whipped the land into a new joy of excitement.

People in the United States are meeting new people and exploring new areas every evening by walking around both for catching these tiny creatures and for getting fit, But I have not seen this healthy trend in Pakistan yet (Some people are playing but not with this humor).

So, Why not working smarter than harder ?

If you were already trying to burn some more calories by walking or running then this would be the perfect motivation for you and this may also the answer for people who are looking for motivation every day for joining the Gym again.

I’d like to hear from our readers that how they’re getting motivation every day for walking or running or you’re also going to use Pokemon Go for this purpose? Let us know in the comments…

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