Snapdragon 200-Level Chips to BeAnnounced as Qualcomm Mobile

Snapdragon 200-Level Chips to Be Announced as Qualcomm Mobile

Snapdragon 200-Level Chips to Be Announced as Qualcomm Mobile

Qualcomm Snapdragon
Qualcomm Snapdragon

Finally Qualcomm Snapdragon has announced the release of that the Snapdragon 200-tier marking will now be applying to premium processors, while those in the 200 level will be relabelled under the new “Qualcomm Portable” brand with an end goal to separate their esteem – with the chip mammoth likewise moving far from processor marking towards “stages”.

“Pushing ahead, just premium portable stages will hold the Snapdragon mark, while processors in the 200 level will fall under the new Qualcomm Versatile name,” Qualcomm said in a blog entry.

Our conviction is that bringing the 200-level versatile stages under the new Qualcomm Portable brand will help separate section level and high-volume arrangements from our leader and top of the line Snapdragon premium versatile experience stages. We will probably make better lucidity and desires for our clients.”

Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile is additionally now marking its processors as “stages”.

As indicated by Qualcomm, this re-marking will permit it to better show the acquisitions it has made to enhance its place as a semiconductor player, and in addition express that it has moved from cell phones into such parts as associated autos, portable PCs, servers, IoT, wearables, automatons, VR, and AR.

“The word [processor] is an insufficient portrayal of what the innovation really is, and the arrangements that a huge number of Qualcomm snapdragon Advances trailblazers have taken a shot at,” Qualcomm said.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Innovations

“Snapdragon is more than a solitary segment, a bit of silicon, or what many would confuse as the CPU; it’s a compilation of innovation, including equipment, programming, and administrations that are not completely caught in a word like ‘processor’.

“That is the reason Qualcomm Innovations are refining our wording by alluding to Snapdragon as a “stage” rather than a processor.”It is such an amazing update in the technology field… that’s so much!

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