Apple's Three iPhone 8 Models to be all Glass designs

Apple’s ’10th Anniversary’, iPhone 8: Three all–glass models planned for 2017

We were hearing too many rumors about the iPhone 7 and its launch finally revealed those a little void but this time Apple is finally considering the news as we got the news from Nikkeistating that Three iPhone 8 models to be all glass designs will be feature of smartphone

Three iPhone 8 models to be all-glass designs, iPhone 7, iPhone 8
iPhone 8 models to be all-glass designs

Nikkeistating also tells about specifically about the models of iPhone as this is going to be a little change in the modeling of the iPhone as its going to introduce three separate models. A 4.7 inch iPhone 8 along with the standard 5.5 inch model and a new model of 5 inch as well. So far we have only heard of Apple’s strategy about 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch models.

Apple’s Three iPhone 8 Models to be all Glass designs

The important thing is a shift of Apple iPhone to glass bodies and its a quite big move. The Cupertino giant is said to be working with a chinese Company Biel and Lens Technologies, who is currently supplying glass panels to Apple along with Samsung Company as well. Like iPhone 7 Plus model this year Apple have the ability to change things and make a different thing from all things same was done in the current iPhone model. Apple made a change of single lens iPhone 7 Plus to a double lens iPhone 7 Plus in the time span of just 6 months before the launch of the model.

Glass iphone patent Apple 2017 iPhone 8, iPhone 8, iPhone 7

“Apple has tentatively decided to change the looks of the models 5.5 inch, 4.7 inch and 5 inch with a glass back after removing the metal backs used in the last models of the Apple’s iPhones, and Biel and Lens are the likely ones who will made the glass backs for the iPhone models and will be providing Apple for next year model launch,” the source told Nikkei.

the new design will be more focused on the glass than metal, anyhow metal material will be used in the inside part that will be holding both glass parts together along with the innards.

Nikkie points out that Apple is not going to leave anything to chance and is totally focusing on attempt to woo even current iPhone 7 owners to upgrade to its re-design of the iPhone, which also marks the 10th anniversary of the product.

On the manufacturing side of things, the competition is bit more heating up, as Foxoconn which is currently providing the specialized metal backs for the current iPhone models will now be thinking of the glass back thing as well to meet the needs of Apple’s iPhone which is currently perusing toward a glass back. The report however also points out that this Taiwanese Company Foxconn will be not able to secure the contract which is currently in the hand of the chinese owned company Biel and Lens for the glass back of the iPhone’s next model.

Wireless Charging and OLED Display

In earlier reports hinted about the Apple’s new wireless charging move. It is finally moving on for that and this will be possible in next models along with glass backs. This glass back will allow the wireless charging feature and made the iPhone model more good.

Nikkie Asia also reported about the OLED Display in the next iPhone models which is most likely to be iPhone 8. The same is to be produced by the Samsung Electronics Company and it will be having the curved edges that will be used only in the 5.5 inch model iPhone.

iPhone 2017?
iPhone 2017?

What you think? What should be next? Here is clear picture of future of iPhone but many are still thinking that what should be next. To know more about Tech News & Updates.

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