How does the US Presidential Election Work

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Learn more about applying for Dan Snaith Phd Thesis - Spectrum News (Charlotte) at Spectrum image474The election officials begin election process with the primary elections, conferences and shifts to nominating conventions. During which political parties each select a nominee to unite behind. The nominee also declares a Vice Presidential running mate at this time. The candidates then campaign across the country to contrast their views. And also targets to voters and engage in debates with candidates from various different parties. In U.S. elections, the President and Vice President are not elected by the people directly. Instead, they’re hold up by “electors” through an electing system called as the Electoral College.

Check out the Creative Writing Define to make the right decision and get all your papers done in time and with the best quality. All of the The thought of using electors flags from the Constitution. U.S. constitution’s prerequisite for a presidential candidate. The President must be a born citizen of the United States, must have accomplished at least 35 years. And they have been a resident of the Domain of United States for 14 years.

There are 538 electors and flatter as uk - commit your assignment to us and we will do our best for you Quality researches at affordable costs available here will make US Presidential Election either candidate demands to accumulate 270 electors half the total plus one. In 48 states, when a candidate receives the majority of votes, the candidate receives all of the state’s electoral votes. California, the largest state, has 55 electoral votes.

For US Presidential Election procedure follows a typical cycle:-
  • Spring of year before an election – Candidates divulge their intentions to run.
  • Summer of a year before an election through spring of the election year – Primary and conference debates take place.
  • January -June – States and parties hold primaries and caucuses.
  • July – early September – Parties organised nominating conventions to choose their candidates.
  • September & October – Candidates engage in Presidential debates.
  • Initial days in November – Election Day.
  • December – Electors pitch their votes in the Electoral College.
  • Early January of next calendar year – Congress counts the electoral votes.
  • January 20 – Inauguration Day.

The key factor for either party to Triumph the presidential election is to target specific battleground states. There are several swing states, which hold the key to winning the election.

US Presidential Election

The major swing states in 2016 are Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. and other Major states incorporate Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, Colorado, and North Carolina. On Nov-8-2016 Tuesday, 120 million people go to the polls to decide whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Who will swear as the 45th President of the United States? Counting commences immediately when voting terminates in the evening. We will get our initial glance of the exit polls. The surveys carried out throughout the day that gives an idea of who won.

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