In an internet-driven world, cybersecurity is extremely important. There are many ways to improve it, one of which is attack surface analysis. But, what is attack surface in the first place? Read this article to find that out, and learn why you need to conduct attack surface analysis for your apps and networks.

Attack surface – what is it?

Attack surface are the functions of your applications, the parts of the code, the elements of your network and the sensitive data that might be exploited. These are the points through which a cyberattacker might invade your system or network to steal data or wreak havoc. Therefore, they require considerable protection.

In order to secure these flash points, you need to know them first. This is what attack surface analysis is for. It allows you to detect possible gateways for the attackers. As a result, you can tell your developers or cybersecurity specialists what elements need extra protection, and introduce proper safety measures.

Additionally, knowing your attack surface allows you to make it smaller. Securing these points is important, but eliminating as many of them as possible is the true reason behind attack surface analysis.

Attack Surface Analysis

How can attack surface analysis help you secure your network?

Using attack surface analysis solutions will allow you to see all the connections that make up your attack surface. This way, it will be possible for you to spot any malicious domains that access your network. What is more, proper attack surface analysis systems will show you what kind of malicious software is connected to the potential attackers. As a result, you will have an exact overview of your flash points, as well as you will know what kinds of attacks you should expect.

Additionally, attack surface analysis software will help you see what aspects of your security require an upgrade. For instance, your network might struggle with credential leaks, while having a strong protection against malware – you will know that through attack surface analysis programs. As a consequence, it will be possible for you to search for the causes of certain security weaknesses and find solutions to them. 

How can attack surface analysis help you secure your apps?

Knowing what parts of your applications are most susceptible to attacks is a must. Analyzing attack surface will help you locate the functions that might be exploited. You may then send this information to your developers to improve these features and limit your attack surface.

Moreover, through attack surface analysis, it is possible to find issues in the code behind your apps. If the code is faulty, there are bound to be problems. So, by knowing which code sections need to be changed, your developer may create stable, secure apps for your clients – this is especially important if your software stores sensitive user data.