The iPhone, a marvel of modern technology, offers an array of functionalities that extend far beyond making calls and browsing the internet. The texting capabilities stand out for their versatility and hidden features. This article explores some of the best iPhone texting tricks, helping you to maximize your messaging efficiency and creativity.

The Best iPhone Message Tricks

One of the most valuable iPhone texting tricks is using text shortcuts. This feature allows you to create abbreviations that automatically expand into full phrases or sentences, saving you time and effort. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement to set up text shortcuts. Here, you can add your shortcuts. For example, typing “omw” can automatically change to “On my way!”. This iPhone text trick is particularly useful for frequently used phrases, allowing you to streamline communication.

Another essential iPhone message trick is enabling quick responses for calls you cannot answer. Go to Settings > Phone > Respond with Text, where you can customize messages such as “I’ll call you back later” or “Can’t talk right now, text me.” This feature is a lifesaver in meetings or driving, ensuring you stay connected without compromising safety or etiquette.

Enhancing Your Messaging Experience with Hidden Features

The iPhone’s messaging app, iMessage, is packed with features that many users overlook. One such iPhone texting trick is using the effects in iMessage to add flair to your texts. By holding down the send button, you can access bubble effects like “Slam” or “Gentle,” and screen effects such as “Balloons” or “Confetti.” These effects can make birthday wishes, congratulations, or any special message more memorable.

Another hidden gem is the ability to send handwritten messages. Turn your phone sideways while in the iMessage app, and a blank screen will appear where you can write a message with your finger. This personal touch can make your texts feel more intimate and thoughtful.

You can also use the iPhone’s predictive text feature to your advantage. Your iPhone will suggest the next word by typing out a sentence and repeatedly tapping the spacebar, often creating humorous or surprisingly coherent sentences. This iPhone message trick can be a fun way to engage with friends and family.

 iphone text tricks

Leveraging Advanced Features for Efficient Communication

Beyond the basic and fun features, some advanced iPhone texting tricks can significantly enhance your messaging efficiency. One such feature is the ability to share your location via iMessage. By tapping the “i” button in a conversation and selecting “Send My Current Location,” you can provide your exact location to the recipient, making meet-ups and coordination much easier.

If you often text while on the go, the dictation feature can be a game-changer. Tap the microphone icon on the keyboard and speak your message. Your iPhone will transcribe your words into text, allowing for hands-free communication. This iPhone text trick is especially useful when you need to quickly send longer messages or find typing on the small keyboard cumbersome.

Additionally, you can use the “Mark as Unread” feature to ensure you don’t forget to respond to important messages. By swiping right on a conversation in the Messages app, you can mark it as unread, highlighting it until you have time to address it.

Lastly, utilizing the “Pin” feature in iMessage can help you keep track of important conversations. By swiping right on a chat and selecting the pin icon, you can keep vital conversations at the top of your Messages app for easy access.


In conclusion, the iPhone is a powerful tool that, when fully utilized, can greatly enhance your texting capabilities. From simple shortcuts to advanced messaging features, these iPhone tricks and tips are designed to make your communication more efficient, fun, and personalized. Explore these iPhone texting tricks to unlock the full potential of your device and transform the way you text.

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