We all aspire to different things in life. Family, education, financial stability, health, and for some of us, having our own business that’s well-known is one of the long-term goals. However, it would not work without brand visibility and recognition, and this becomes even more important when we talk about international expansion. People have to recognize your logo, your company, what you stand for, and what are your goals and mission statement. This is when global trademark registration comes into play. It is absolutely vital to protect your own business’s brand identity, because what is the point of investing countless hours, and pouring money into something that’s identity might be taken away at some point? Just imagine fast food brands and their counterparts in different parts of the world. We are sure you’ve seen MkDonald’s, Adios, Ploystation, and other counterparts of well-recognized brands. The scam still works and many people still fell for the ‘third-party’, lesser-quality products. If they happen to work – mainly in the case of electronics. Trademark registration services make sure that the original, well-established brand’s trademark parts, such as logo, slogan, name, and color scheme cannot be touched by third parties without consequences.

How Such Service-Providers Can Help You Grow and Expand Globally?

As discussed before, and it is an absolutely crucial part, trademark registration services provide exclusive rights to use the trademark for the goods or services for which it is registered. It prevents others from using similar or identical marks. This recognition is especially crucial when expanding into new markets – or pretty much anywhere globally –  where the company is unknown. The market is saturated and it is not easy to break into new markets. Trademark registration provides proof of ownership and serves as a stamp of approval for the brand. If the company gets attacked by for example a counterfeit service or product provider, the trademark registration agency prevents legal disputes with competitors who may try to use a similar trademark. Legal disputes can be costly and time-consuming. Whatever is not connected to your core business, customer service and expansion is just a  costly distraction!

Protection in the Online Sphere

During this age and time whatever is not online is non-existent. It also points out the fact that whatever gets on the internet, will stay there. Even if it’s not shoved into others’ faces it will be archived, saved, or at least stored in a far-to-reach folder. It is more important than ever to have legal and brand protection in this cyberspace too! Worldwide trademark registration helps companies to protect their own identity since potential customers (especially in newly entered markets) have a higher tendency to stumble upon newly established businesses online. Your company should have an easy-to-recognize brand image, logo, and unique selling points that cannot be taken away by others. Your brand reputation could be damaged by counterfeit service or product providers, which can end your company soon in global markets. So brand recognition, visibility, legal, and other dispute protection are the vital services provided by any trademark registration agency.